Licensing Anka


Anka licenses are available for the following products.

  • Anka Build Basic - All Basic features to configure and run macOS CI Cloud infrastructure
  • Anka Build Enterprise - Basic + additional features for grouping, priority provisioning etc
  • Anka Build Enterprise Plus - Enterprise + additional features to support SSO, VM encryption, event logging
  • Anka Flow - Install and configure Anka on developer mac workstations. Supported only on macbook models and iMac.
  • Anka Secure - Install and configure Anka on mac workstations to create secure, sandbox macOS working environments for privileged data access etc

Trial License

Trial license for Anka products is valid for 30 days from the date of trial registration. You can use the same activation key on multiple machines (Depending upon the quantity specified at the time of trial registration).

Anka Build Trial licenses are generated with Enterprise entitlement.

Download anka.pkg and install it on mac harwdare.

Activate license using sudo anka license command to activate the license on each machine with the activation key. The machines should be connected to the internet at the time of activation either directly or through proxy.

Anka uses standard http_proxy and https_proxy env variables. sudo will not pass the environment by default, so activation should be called with sudo -E anka license activate ... to pick up the environment variables.

sudo anka license activate <activationkey>
anka license show

See remaining cores on your Anka Build license key with this command.

anka license show -k <Key>

Commercial License

Anka licenses are issued for yearly license subscription which includes updates, upgrades and standard support. They can be purchased for a single year or multiple years.

Automatic extension of Commercial License upon renewal

This feature is implemented to eliminate the need for users to manually reactivate license on the Anka nodes upon renewal of their yearly licenses. Auto extension logic in anka licensing executes once every day and if days to expiration is > 30 days, then no action is taken. If the license is expired, then no action is taken. If days to expiration is < 30 days, then the licensing on the node tries to reactive license with updated license expiration date from the backend licensing service.

Changing from Trial to Commercial license

First, stop all the running or suspended VMs. Then, remove the old license and activate with the commercial activation key.

sudo anka license remove
sudo anka license activate <newactivation key>


  • Anka Build - Cost is core based. For example. if you are setting up a cloud consisting of 2, 6-core mac minis, then total core count will be 12 cores.
  • Anka Flow - Cost is per machine. For example, if you are installing Anka Flow on 10 developer machines, then quantity will be 10.
  • Anka Secure - Cost is per machine. For example, if you are installing Anka Flow on 10 mac workstations, then quantity will be 10.

Contact to get a pricing estimate.