Release Notes

Anka Build (supported on all mac hardware including 2018 Mac Mini)

Version 1.4.3

  • Anka Build - Version 1.4.3
  • Anka Controller & Registry combined package - Version 1.0.14
  • Anka Controller & Registry combined Mac package (This pkg is meant for users to quickly deploy Controller and Registry on Mac for testing purposes.) - Version 1.0.14
  • Anka Jenkins plug-in - version 1.18
  • Anka Teamcity plug-in - version 1.4

Anka Flow (supported only on macbook Air, macbook Pro, iMac)

Version 1.4.3

  • Anka Flow - Version 1.4.3

Change Log version 1.4.3

Anka 1.4.3 change

  • Bug Fix : anka modify vmname set cpu issue
  • Bug Fix : anka create with custom user/password not working with mojave VMs
  • Bug Fix : anka start -u changes the currently logged in user to anka user
  • Bug Fix : Problems passing through iOS 12 devices
  • Bug Fix : macOS timing is incorrect on VMs that are resumed on different type of machine than the machine that used to suspend
  • Bug Fix : VeertuBus doesn’t boot in macOS 10.12
  • Bug Fix : Update copyright string to 2019
  • Bug Fix : anka license activate consumes fulfillment even on non-eligible machines
  • Bug Fix : workaround for excessive logging when nodes can’t connect with controller service
  • New feature : Core based licensing
  • New feature : Support for nested VM to run Docker inside Anka VM (Vm with nested flag enabled should be created with a minimum of 4vCPU, 4GB RAM)
  • New feature : Support to activate Anka Basic, Enterprise License Tiers
  • New feature : Improve anka run profile sourcing options. Added support for the ability to source a profile file from anka run - anka run vmname source /source_file_path

Change Log Anka Controller & Registry combined package - Version 1.0.14

  • Bug Fix : Template in registry contained an empty anka block file
  • Bug Fix : Instance pulling state should show node details
  • Bug Fix : Registry on mac not working correctly because Finder creates temp files in the storage folder
  • New feature : Implemented support for Basic and Enterprise Tier
  • New feature : Add version of the controller and registry on the portal page
  • New feature : Expose Controller logs through the portal

Change Log Jenkins Plugin - Version 1.18

  • New feature : Improve Jenkins/controller logs
  • New feature : Expose priority through Jenkins Plugin
  • New feature : Add field in Jenkins to specify optional java params for ssh launcher

Change Log TeamCity Plugin - Version 1.4

  • New feature : Expose groups and priority through Plugin

Version 1.4.2

  • Anka Build - Version 1.4.2
  • Anka Controller & Registry combined package - Version 1.0.13
  • Anka Registry Mac package (This pkg is meant for users to quickly deploy Registry on Mac for testing purposes.) - Version 1.0.11
  • Anka Jenkins plug-in - version 1.17
  • Anka Teamcity plug-in - version 1.3

Anka Flow (supported only on macbook Air, macbook Pro, iMac)

Version 1.4.2

  • Anka Flow - Version 1.4.2

Change Log version 1.4.2

Anka 1.4.2 change

  • Bug Fix : Xcode 10 random crashes
  • Bug Fix : anka create - error on reboot
  • Bug Fix : User reported issue with anka create -c
  • New feature : Additional flag in anka license activate command

Anka 1.4.1 change

  • Bug Fix : Fixed networking issue during anka create for Mojave VM
  • Bug Fix : Fixed anka create -s flag not working
  • Bug Fix : Fixed incorrect pull progress
  • Bug Fix: Fixed possible data corruptions during TRIM
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue of upgrade from 10.14 to 10.14.1

Change Log Anka Controller & Registry combined package - Version 1.0.13

  • Bug Fix: Fixed VM template not showing actual tag for when latest is selected

Anka Build (supported on all mac hardware)

Version 1.4

  • Anka Build - Version 1.4
  • Anka Controller & Registry combined package - Version 1.0.12
  • Anka Registry Mac package (This pkg is meant for users to quickly deploy Registry on Mac for testing purposes.) - Version 1.0.11
  • Anka Jenkins plug-in - version 1.17
  • Anka Teamcity plug-in - version 1.3

Anka Flow (supported only on macbook Air, macbook Pro, iMac)

Version 1.4

  • Anka Flow - Version 1.4

Change Log version 1.4

Anka 1.4 change

  • New feature : Added support of APFS guests (macOS 10.13+)
  • New feature : Optimized CPU consumption in Anka View (up to 50%)
  • New feature : Configurable port forwarding auto-assignment range
  • New feature : Added local mode of push/pull operations for local version management
  • New feature : Added guest public mechanism (BSD Notification) to run actions on resume
  • New feature : Added protection from “early suspends” that could be a reason of hanged session
  • New feature : Added VM name to corresponding logs to simplify log analysis
  • New feature : Added ability to push VM as new tag of another VM in registry
  • New feature : Better compatibility with JEDEC and IEK in size parameters of anka CLI
  • New feature : Better EFI error handling
  • New feature : Added ability to reference USB devices by user assignable claim name
  • New feature : Added support of disk resizing
  • Bug Fix : Fixed anka list inoperable if one of VM in the list corrupted
  • Bug Fix : Fixed push/pull of VM with several drives could lead to corrupted VM
  • Bug Fix : Fixed anka clone -c doesn’t work
  • Bug Fix : Fixed VM support with more than 34GB
  • Bug Fix : Fixed VM resume with USB device could fail
  • Bug Fix : Fixed anka config doesn’t apply non-string parameters
  • Bug Fix : Fixed anka create could fail due to problem in emulation logic
  • Bug Fix : Fixed anka show could improperly determine IP address of the hos
  • Bug Fix : Fixed clone operations of VMs with nested virtualization enabled
  • Bug Fix : Fixed elevated CPU consumption due to Docker nested virtualization in Anka VM
  • Bug Fix : Improvements in anka run stability
  • Bug Fix : Fixed simultaneous anka start -u operations could fail
  • Bug Fix : Fixes in suspend procedure that could lead to frozen guest after resume
  • Bug Fix : Fixed anka license activate problem in some proxied networks
  • Bug Fix : Increased security of privileged agent

Change Log Anka Controller & Registry combined package - Version 1.0.12

  • New feature : Display error logs for VM provisioning in the controller portal
  • New feature : Distribute to a specific Node from the portal
  • New feature : Add a column in controller instance page to show the host and also tag for the template being used for provisioned VM
  • New feature : Updated Controller acknowledgement document
  • Bug Fix : Fixed ankacluster join -m flag
  • Bug Fix : Fixed registry possible corruption issue when push operation is interrupted
  • Bug Fix : Fixed ankaregctl error in output
  • Bug Fix : Fixed push operation registry doesn’t show template issue
  • Bug Fix : Fixed controller agent issue when using tls for queue connection
  • Bug Fix : Fixed ankacluster disjoin sometimes leaving nodes in the controller view

Change Log Jenkins Plugin version 1.16

  • New feature : Support JNLP based connection
  • Bug Fix : Fix for ClassCastException
  • Bug Fix : Terminate VM provision request stuck in schd state for more than an hour

Change Log Jenkins Plugin version 1.16

  • New feature : Jenkins plugin timeout should be increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
  • New feature : Implement support for node groups in Jenkins Plugin. Node Groups will be available in future release of Controller
  • New feature : Change the label “Build Controller URL” in Jenkins plugin Ui to “Build Controller URL with port”
  • New feature : Jenkins plugin timeout increased from 120 seconds to 240 seconds

Change Log TeamCity Plugin version 1.3

  • New feature : Implement support for node groups in the Plugin. Node Groups will be available in future release of Controller

Note - If you are moving to version 1.4 from previous versions, upgrade your controller, registry, Jenkins Plugin, Anka Build.pkg and Anka Flow.pkg. Also, you will need to upgrade guest add-ons on your existing VM templates.

Change Log version 1.3.3

Anka 1.3.3 change

  • Bug : AnkaBuild.pkg & AnkaFlow.pkg - The network link is shown as inactive although there’s an active IP address and connectivity. This causes some network settings like system proxy or custom dns not to work properly - Resolved
  • Bug : Anka Build Controller - Minor fixes to pull state logic - Resolved
  • Bug : Jenkins Plugin - Fixed issue with resolving pulling and schedulding states in jenkins Plugin - Resolved
  • New feature : AnkaBuild.pkg & AnkaFlow.pkg - Users need to configure guest environment of anka run execution. Support added for .profile files.
  • New : AnkaBuild.pkg & AnkaFlow.pkg - Purge history for the VM on the node, except the current version which was pulled.
  • New : Jenkins Plugin - Support for JNLP
  • New : Teamcity Plugin - Support for https setting of controller

Change Log Jenkins Plugin version 1.15

  • Bug :Jenkins Plugin - Not able to start Vm of a particular template/tag when ssh is selected - Resolved
  • New : Jenkins Plugin - Introduced node groups field. Backend support wil be available in upcoming next release

Change Log Jenkins Plugin version 1.14

  • New : Jenkins Plugin - Changed timeout from 60s to 120s

Change Log Jenkins Plugin version 1.13

  • New : Jenkins Plugin - Support for JNLP

Change Log Jenkins Plugin version 1.12

  • Bug :Jenkins Plugin - Pipeline Jenkins jobs continue to use the same instance without deleting the instance - Resolved
  • New : Jenkins Plugin - Support for https setting of controller

Change Log version 1.3.1

Note - Version 1.3.1 is a minor release over version 1.3. If you are moving to version 1.3.1 from 1.3, you only need to upgrade the Anka Build.pkg and Anka Flow.pkg. There is no need to upgrade controller and registry. If you are moving to version 1.3.1 from a version older than 1.3, then upgrade all components including controller, registry, plugins and your existing VM templates.

Anka package 1.3.1 change

  • Bug : anka vm can’t use more than 2GB ram due to hfs changes introduced in version 1.3 - Resolved
  • Bug : Custom user created during anka create display anka as the real name instead of user name - Resolved
  • Bug : anka create fails with Unrecognized Date Format on some machines - Resolved
  • Bug : anka start command never finishes in some scenarios - Resolved
  • Bug : anka create hangs, anka view shows hang at macOS install screen - Resolved
  • New feature : Added message in anka license remove to show backend license fulfillment id.
  • New feature : anka license activate command stores the CPU core count in licensing backend

Change Log version 1.3

Anka package 1.3, Anka Controller & Registry 1.0.8 change

  • Bug : Upgrade of macOS is broken in 1.3 - Resolved
  • Bug : VM often exits on reboot with “invalid vmcs” status - Resolved
  • Bug : Starting anka with -d changes static configuration - Resolved
  • Bug : anka registry push command enables push of Vms with same names - Resolved
  • Bug : start-stop sequence works bad - Resolved
  • Bug : anka mount operation hangs on permission denied error - Resolved
  • Bug : ankactl crash - Resolved
  • Bug : anka create runs successfully but returns action failed. The Vm is created and is in stopped state. - Resolved
  • Bug : running anka run vmname ping and doing suspend in different terminal to the same vm result in -anka:mount error 17 next resume - Resolved
  • Bug : ankaupd respawns many times due to too soon exit if no updates were found - Resolved
  • Bug : anka registry pull/push commands are not synchronized - Resolved
  • Bug : Debug output of uhost - Resolved
  • Bug : Invalid JSON output of anka registry list-repos - Resolved
  • Bug : ankactl error messages shouldn’t contain new line characters - Resolved
  • Bug : typos in anka help - Resolved
  • Bug : anka run -f doesn’t override guest environment, but should - Resolved
  • Bug : unfriendly exception on pushing running VM - Resolved
  • Bug : ‘ls’ operation over shared system leads to hangs sometime (3-4% of cases) - Resolved
  • Bug : anka mount hangs on “permission denied” case, but should return error - Resolved
  • Bug : sudo with anka registry - sudo anka registry push 133b387 uitest Password: -anka: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘prepare_multipart_head_request’ - Resolved
  • Bug : Crash in anka_run - Resolved
  • Bug : anka --machine-readable registry list-repos fails when there are no repos configured - Resolved
  • Bug : -anka: Conversion failed when disk was mounted - Resolved
  • Bug : Controller portal table fields are too narrow - Resolved
  • Bug : anka modify VM add optical-drive $PATH doesn’t recognize relative paths - Resolved
  • Bug : Error while deleting network-card - Resolved
  • Bug : Physical removal of claimed USB device leaves zombies - Resolved
  • Bug : pci_net (not VeertuNet) module hangs on guest reboot/shutdown - Resolved
  • Bug : Disable allowing negative nos in number selector VM capacity field in portal - Resolved
  • New feature : Extend StartVM controller API
  • New feature : package nanka
  • New feature : Return UUID in anka pull, like in anka create/clone
  • New feature : Support Sierra guest VM with new 1.3 anka create a method
  • New feature : Prevent “Same name already exists” network dialogs
  • New feature : Enable changing max vm value for anka build nodes from the controller portal
  • New feature : self-license reactivation
  • New feature : Improve working with system domain in ankactl
  • New feature : Replacing Anka create macOS installer with iso installer for automatic installation of guest
  • New feature : Revert spotlight disabled by default. Spotlight is now enabled by default.
  • New feature : Upgrade suspended guests with single start -f -u command
  • New feature : Add (beta) word to description of set nested command
  • New feature : Display error messages in controller when instance is in error state
  • New feature : Replacing Anka create macOS installer with iso installer for automatic installation of guest
  • New feature : Do not return error on suspending VM that is already suspended
  • New feature : Allow to configure user name for anka create -a procedure
  • New feature : Allow to select registry repo with --remote option
  • New feature : Integrate network wait functionality into anka run
  • New feature : add check in anka create to avoid user specifying too small values for RAM, disk size
  • New feature : add a generic message about approx. time for anka create
  • New feature : Terminate anka run on second SIGINT
  • New feature : Display error in anka create when user gives too less disk space in the command
  • New feature : Special handling of EBUSY error on unmount
  • New feature : Add progress for image distribution/pull state
  • New feature : Add sort option for controller portal tables
  • New feature : Add pull state with progress as instance state in controller
  • New feature : Introducing more state for dashboard reporting other than scheduling
  • New feature : dashboard should show when hosts are not activated
  • New feature : Allow running agent on imaged machine without need to login into UI
  • New feature : check for active/inactive license in anka create in the beginning and display message
  • New feature : Sort vm list by name, not uuid
  • New feature : Unify registry push and pull syntax
  • New feature : Verify registry connectivity in anka registry add command

DIFF in anka CLI version 1.3

  • anka license set - Deleted
  • anka modify set nested - New
  • anka modify set memory-prefetch - New
  • anka run -N, --wait-network - New
  • anka registry -r - New

Anka package 1.2.2 change

  • Fixed bug with sudo anka --debug license command.
  • Fixed bug with anka unmount hangs on parallel operations till all commands end.
  • Fixed bug with dmg2anka.
  • Increase the frequency of anka agent updates to controller.
  • Allow configurable timeout for anka commands.

    Registry 1.0.7 changes

  • Fixed issue with anka registry version reporting.

  • Fixed issues with pushing VM with same tag to the registry.

  • Fixed issue with Mac registry package doesn’t create the registry folder by itself.

  • Fixed issue with Incorrect error message “could not connect to server” when registry is short on space.

  • Introduced change to allow user to pull VM with same name as what�s existing on their machine.

  • Added ability to add tag description during registry push (reuses VM description field).

    Controller 1.0.7 changes

  • New management portal available in controller to view status of Anka Build cloud. See documentation for more detail.

  • Fixed the bug with controller agent may return wrong anka build node ip address.

  • New controller REST API function to force delete anka build node.

  • Introduced field for slave name template in Jenkins plugin.

  • Combined controller and registry Docker packages into single package for download.### Anka package 1.2.1 change

  • Reverted Spotlight is disabled in Vms created with anka create -a … command.

  • Fixed issue with anka command line module impacting pulling different versions of VM from the registry.

    Anka package 1.2 changes

  • Automatically validate consistency of Anka and VM addons version. Check upgrading anka documentation for mroe details

  • Added protection from unsolicited execution of anka commands with sudo.

  • Improved VM creation with ISO procedure. See documentation on creating Vm from ISO for more detail.

  • Optimize VM creation/upgrade procedures for instant start.

  • Fix guest OS upgradability.

  • changed the /tmp to /var/tmp for the shared memory video.

  • Fixed the bug with anka clone creates default network-card always.

  • Fixed the bug with user logout from inside the VM shutdowns the VM and in some cases restarts the VM.

  • Implemented support for 18vcpu Anka VMs.

  • Spectre and Meltdown related changes.

  • Fixed bug with ankacluster command not reporting right version.

  • Fixed issue with anka delete fails in certain scenarios.

  • Fixed issue with the license is valid, it doesn’t output as JSON.

  • Fixed issue with anka usb list --machine-readable crashes.

  • Fixed issue with ankahv process leave temporary files.

  • Fixed issue with anka run fails to set workdir on already mounted folder.

  • Fixed issue with xcodebuild with anka run fails after some time with Bad file descriptor error.

  • Fixed issue with issue with Anka Build interactive priority.

  • Fixed issue with old artefacts from modify network-card command.

  • Spotlight is disabled in Vms created with anka create -a … command. This is done to make the VMs execute faster for CI jobs. See documentation on creating VMs for more details.

  • Implemented new block shrink logic to optimize VM footprint.

  • Fixed issue with license activation changed permissions of the log file.

  • Fixed issue with anka.log file size infinite growth.

  • Fixed issue with Deadlock in PCI related modules on resume, reboot and shutdown.

  • Fixed issues with anka delete sometimes failing.

  • Extended syntax for stop, delete, suspend operations: accepts multiple VMNAME and --all parameters.

  • Modified anka create to create macOS VMs with SIP/Kext Consent disabled by default. See documentation on creating VMs for more details.

  • Fixed issues with anka run hanging on (abnormally) terminated VM.

  • Removed anka modify headless flag.

  • Prevent VM name duplicates with anka create and anka clone commands.

  • Optimized anka run execution to allow to “reuse” existing mount points (nested mount).

  • Introduced change to make Anka home as default folder for ankarun.

  • Introduced mounting external drives and USB devices without writing them to the VM config.

  • Fixed SMC hang in High Sierra shutdown.

  • Optimize suspend/resume performance.

  • Optimization in block IO leading to “some improvements” in compillation of “some” projects

Upgrade Notes