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Tagging or Versioning a VM for Registry (from Using Anka Registry)

Once you have completed setup of your VMs and have added a new registry, you are ready to push VMs to the registry. First, you might want to version, or associate tags, to each pushed version in order to easily identify them. Anka’s versioning system was designed to work very much like git. Since a typical registry workflow involves managing VM templates for distribution with versions, we’ll walk through that below.

It is recommended to read and understand how Anka’s versioning system works with Registry workflows. You can read the guide to versioning [here]().

First, list all VMs available locally with their status:

$ anka list
list of vms:
| name       | uuid                                 | status   |
| anka-test1 | c84e73f8-4119-11e7-bb1a-784f43758c89 | stopped  |

Note that the VM with name anka-test1 is available and is in a stopped state. For now, let’s add a tag to this VM before it is uploaded to the registry:

$ anka commit anka-test1 1.1
Commiting VM changes...

Now that we have added a tag with the value 1.1, we can view the versions available using the following command:

$ anka show_version anka-test1
| 1.1 | local_version |
| 1   | local_version |

This VM already had a 1.0 tag previously when it was created, so we wee our 1.1 tag added in the list. Now that we’ve versioned our VM, we are ready to push it to Registry.